Missio Dei as the Endvision of Practical Theological Education

by Godfrey Harold (ThD, PhD, PhD [can]), Cape Town Baptist Seminary

This study is an exploration on the praxis of teaching of mission at theological seminaries with regards to its engagement in the missio Dei as the endvision of practical education/theology and community engagement.

The understanding that the mission of the church is evangelism with the focus on the “saving of a person’s soul” is the Gospel, can be traced to the conservative theological influence that viewed social engagement as an activity that is inextricably linked to the loss of sound doctrine, spiritual dynamism, and a watering down of the gospel (Hack, 1993). This study seeks for an understanding of the missio Dei in light of a missional hermeneutical reading of the Bible and praxis. The church is an instrument used by God to bring about well-being to the world through proclamation and practise. The bringing out of wellbeing to humanity calls for an understanding of justice and compassion through an understanding of the missio Dei as the endvision of theological education that is practical and relevant to the African context is the focus of this approach.

Listen to Dr. Harold’s lecture presented at ABTEN 2019 or right-click to download:

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(FRENCH translation)

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