Rev. Dr. Godfrey Harold is a Senior Academic at Cape Town Baptist Seminary and Distinguished Fellow and Professor of Christian Heritage at BH Carol Theological Seminary (USA).

He serves as the Executive Editor of The South African Baptist Journal of Theology and on the editorial boards of other theological journals. Godfrey has published over 20 theological articles in peer-reviewed and accredited journals nationally and internationally.

He is the present chairperson of The Western Province Baptist Association, a fellowship of over 130 Baptist Churches. Godfrey is also the Associate Minister at Athlone Baptist Church, Cape Town.

He holds two earned doctorates and is presently writing for his third on the subject of the missio Dei. Godfrey is married to Patricia and has one daughter Odelle Amy.

At ABTEN 2019, Rev. Dr. Harold spoke on the topic of “Missio Dei as the Endvision of Practical Theological Education.”