Baptist Education Theological Heritage in Africa

This panel was lead by Dr. Kevin Rodgers and was made up of Dr. Linzay Rinquest, Dr. Sylvain Alloboe, Rev. Desmond Henry, Dr. Joseph Kamau, Rev. Dr. Reuben Chuga, Dr. Ezron Musonda and Dr. Godfrey Harold.

Baptists have been working, growing and engaging in the missionary task in Africa for over 100 years. We are known for many things including getting the gospel to the masses, strengthening the local church and meeting human needs. More than anything, though, Baptists in Africa have been known for doctrinal integrity and being “people of the book.”

Our rich heritage spans the entire continent and is truly multi-cultural. This session will explore the history of Baptist work among various peoples and look at the important role that theological education has played (and is playing) to advance the Kingdom of God in every corner of the continent.

Listen to or watch the panel discussion on Baptist Theological Education Heritage in Africa from ABTEN 2019 below or right-click to download:

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