Responding to Socio-Cultural Realities in Africa

by Sylvain Allaboe (PhD), Director of WABAST/ESBTAO

The question has been always raised about the quality of Christianity in Africa and the relevance of African and non-African scholars’ contributions in shaping a sound, solid and authentic Christianity on the continent. Meeting African realities is at stake and proposals are made to reach that goal. Yet there are unavoidable facts that must be taken in account in order to succeed in our endeavors to meet African realities through theologizing and theological education.

This is what we try to raise in this presentation. If, as theologians and educators, we are to meet African realities through an African theology, what should be the norms, the authority, the content, the method and the themes of this theology? The assessment grid for such theology would be the following: Does this theology make Africans encounter Christ the Lord and Savior according to the gospel from the Holy and Inspired Word of God, so that in welcoming him they experiment in him restoration in their socio-cultural situation, and become agent of restoration in their socio-cultural context?

Listen to Dr. Allaboe’s lecture presented at ABTEN 2019 below or right-click to download:

A French translation of the presentation is also available below or right-click to download:

(FRENCH Translation)

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