Academic Integrity in African Context

by Moses Audi (PhD), President of Baptist Theological Seminary, Kaduna, Nigeria

Academic integrity is a great concern in Africa. It is often compromised by various forms of dishonesty. Most critical factors responsible for academic dishonesty include: giving of attention to ‘success’ and financial gain over-against acquisition of skill and competence; inadequate exposure of students to standard academic practice; ill-prepared teaching; cultural definition of honesty; careless approaches to research; and, compromise in regards to entry requirements. These same factors affect the response to expressions of academic dishonesty as well.

Taking certain measures such as: identify the causative factors in each setting and consciously provide an appropriate response to it; adopting effective teaching-learning approaches; engaging adequately-prepared research teachers; uphold standards of entry requirements in schools; give attention to the spiritual state of the students; thorough supervision of students; and, adopting or developing effective IT technique; will enable theological institutions to produce graduates with academic integrity. Any action that will build skill and confidence of the student will encourage academic integrity in the schools.

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