Ms. D’Anna Shotts is an IMB missionary who has served for 29 years as the Seminary Librarian at Baptist Theological Seminary, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Ms. Shotts holds a B.S. in Education from Eastern Illinois University, an M.S. in Library Science from the University of Illinois, and has also studied at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She worked at several public and university libraries in the US before coming to Nigeria, and also for three years at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

Ms. Shotts is a member of the American Library Association, the American Theological Library Association and the Nigerian Library Association, and has presented papers at several national and international library meetings, including most recently at the American Theological Library Association meeting in Indianapolis in June 2018. She is also a Certified Librarian of Nigeria.

Ms. Shotts led a breakout session on Library Resources at ABTEN 2018.